Thursday, October 12, 2017


After a mess of rumors regarding the longer term of Microsoft's mobile division has return the time fearsome by users: Window Phone is nearing its finish. The details? Keep reading!

For many months we've been observation because the share of Windows Phone descended hazardously to gain figures ridiculous. additionally very {little} by little were disappearing apps from the shop or removed the support of as several apps.
This situation of not knowing we tend toll|alright|all right|fine|o.k.|okay} wherever was Windows Phone that we already commented here in tecnofilia a year ago:

finally has resulted in the worst attainable way: the death of Windows Phone. it's been Joe Belfior, company vice chairman of Microsoft, WHO has confirmed this secret to voices: still support Windows smartphones however won't still develop new options.

Since the arrival of Microsoft's current corporate executive, Satya Nadella, Redmond's efforts are reduced to the platform, canceling terminals that were virtually able to hit the market, hurry up and running Windows ten Mobile, promising that just about each terminals would upgrade to W10 then build a crucial screen remaining in an exceedingly few terminals. Or begin obtaining those services that were platform exclusive to iOS and golem.

It would not be truthful responsible Nadella because the mischief left by former corporate executive Steve Ballmer wasn't turkey mucous secretion (he was chargeable for Nokia's purchase). however what counts is that Windows Phone users are losing and additionally from Window Phone seven haven't been treated o.k. by Microsoft.

It very could be a unhealthy news since the a lot of competition the higher for U.S.A. users and that we see as Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, Firefox OS, Ubuntu Phone ... they're staying on the road in pursuit of the golem / iOS duopoly.

Rest in peace Windows Phone.

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