Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Wooden headphones? The new HP-3 Heritage want to bring the warmth of noble material to our heads

Klipsch is a brand little known in our country but it manufactures speakers and headphones of good quality almost always with forms and / or unconventional designs, as has been the case of the new HP-3 Heritage that just officially presented a few days ago his preliminary debut earlier this year.

The HP-3 seeks to recreate the listening experience of classic speakers in our ears and for this we have chosen to manufacture the speaker in natural wood, something that gives consistency to the device but at the cost of increasing its weight to 440 grams , part of which is the fault of the diadem with steel supports.

The headset incorporates two 52 mm drivers that allow a high level of sound pressure in undisturbed bass and maintain the good frequency response up to 5 Hz despite the semi-open design of the speaker that according to the brand offers the advantages of a box open in terms of sound amplitude but also part of a closed when it comes to maintaining the ability to represent the bass.

The impedance of the headset is 25 ohm and has a sensitivity of 98 dB when it is powered by 1 mW. It has removable cable of 3.5 mm and will be sold in three finishes with three types of wood: walnut, ebony and oak.

Price and availability

Hp 3 Lifestyle 8
The new HP-3 Heritage will reach distributors on a date yet to be specified for an inexpensive amount that will be around $ 1,199.

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