Friday, November 17, 2017

Google Maps is updated: more colorful and schematic maps to help find things

The engineers of Google Maps have decided to give a facelift to the popular application of maps that turns 12 years. From now on it will be much more intuitive and easy to use thanks to changes in color and schematism.

The world changes and your environment too. They cut streets, change the address stores, open new shops in the area, new parkings ... That's why the apps that should give precise information about all this, like Google Maps, have to be up-to-date in this type of updates.

In a statement published on Google's official blog, they explain what changes they have made to the new version of Maps.

New icons for Google Maps | Google

In the first place, they indicate, they have updated the options of driving, navigation, transit and exploration of maps to show the most relevant in each of them. For example, gas stations if you are driving or train stations if you are walking.

In addition, this new version of Google Maps incorporates new colors to facilitate all the signage of the places of interest and have them identified from the start. Thus, if you see something in the application orange, for example, you can relate to the category "Food and drink", and know, at first glance, that you can go in there to drink something.

Colors for Google Maps | Google

However, you will still not see these changes in your Google Maps application, as they will arrive in the coming weeks in successive updates. In addition, they will also be available in other Google products that use Maps, such as Google Assistant, Search or Google Earth.

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