Friday, November 17, 2017

No matter how neat or clean it is: insects love this room in your home

Despite the popular belief that bugs take refuge mostly in kitchens and bathrooms, recent research suggests that they prefer large halls with carpets and access to the street.

No matter how hard you try to have your house clean and tidy, because that will not stop the insects from rooting freely for her. This has been proven by a team of entomologists from the State University of North Carolina and the California Academy of Sciences. These scientists specialized in insects have discovered that, beyond dirt and order, there is an ideal type of room for these unpleasant housemates: salons or other large rooms with large carpets, provided they are located on the ground floor and have direct access to the outside.

The work, published in the magazine 'Scientific Reports', points out that aspects such as the size of the rooms or the number of windows and doors that give onto the street influence so that insects find a good place to live in them. In addition, these small inhabitants feel predilection to stay in the carpets.

These findings were drawn after collecting more than 10,000 insects, both live and dead, from 50 single-family homes in the Raleigh area of ​​North Carolina. In total, 47 insect families were found, including harmless bugs such as silverfish, lice, flies and ladybugs and, to a lesser extent, bed bugs, termites and fleas.

In any case, the researchers found that it did not matter how clean or orderly the house was. In fact, not even the presence of pets influenced in the same way in the presence of these small animals, since in houses with dogs there were more types of insects, while in homes with cats less were detected -possibly because these were they ate.

However, the authors acknowledge that the work has some limitations, such as its scarce sample and its concentration in a certain area. In addition, it is unknown how long the inhabitants of the houses were notified of the study, something that could modify the relationship established between cleanliness and the presence of insects. Be that as it may, this study is a first step to learn more about those unpleasant companions with whom we live.

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