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Privacy Policy / Site License
1.- All content of this blog is under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 license. This means that you are free to copy and distribute this content with anyone, and even edit it to suit your purposes, as long as you indicate that the original work is mine, without implying that in any way I am supporting your derivative work. The legal version is available from here

2.- In TecnoStuffs, the fundamental right to freedom of expression prevails, but remember that this freedom must be exercised consciously and with responsibility. Even if you are behind a monitor, you can be prosecuted for libel or slander, for threats (openly or privately) as well as for disclosure of copyrighted or overtly illegal material. In case of an order issued by a court, TecnoStuffs can not refuse to supply the requested data.

3.- Some of our sponsorships (including but not limited to Adsense) may upload cookies to your browser for the purpose of providing relevant notices, and use web beacons to accumulate and process such information. TecnoStuffs does not disclose to the advertisers any additional information that allows the browser's cookie to be linked to your user account or any of your personal data, but if you still feel guarded, your browser allows you to disable cookies, inform yourself on your site of origin .

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